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        Wuxi Winding Film/Wuxi Bubble Film/Wuxi Pearl Cotton-Wuxi Mingda Composite Plant

        ABOUT US

        Wuxi Mingda Composite Material Factory is a private wholly-owned enterprise, which was established in September 1999 and is located at 178 Ximei Road, Xinwu District, Wuxi City, on the beautiful shore of Taihu Lake. Wuxi Airport, Shanghai-Nanjing Expressway, Shanghai-Nanjing Railway, 312 National Highway and other trunk lines are crisscrossed and the traffic is very convenient.

        Bubble Film of Aluminum Coating

        The aluminized composite bubble film (aluminized bubble film) is a thin aluminized film on the outside of the bubble film. It is a new type of sunshade, heat insulation and environmental protection packaging material......

        Wuxi Mingda Composite Material Factory

        ADD:178 Ximei Road, Xinwu District, Wuxi City ZIP:214115
        Contacts:Miss Chen Mobile:18951583510 TEL:0510-88581160
        FAX:0510-88587112 E-mail:158md@163.com

        Local Navigation: Bubble film | Wrapping filmPearl cotton Wuxi Bubble FilmWUXI Wrapped Film Wuxi Mingda Manufacturer, Excellent Quality, Variety and Reasonable Price
        Friendship Links: Bubble Film/Air Cushion Film  EPE Pearl cotton  Winding/stretching film 版權所有 Wuxi Mingda Composite Material Factory 蘇ICP備10001229號
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